Best Ankle Braces for Basketball


From tip off to the final seconds of the game, basketball demands explosive agility. Jumping to catch a rebound, sprinting down the court, and pivoting around an opponent puts a tremendous amount of strain on the body, especially the ankles. This can lead to ankle pain from tears, sprains, and even fractures. In fact, experts report that season-ending basketball injuries often result from players overusing their muscles by playing through smaller injuries instead of preventing them.This makes finding the best ankle braces for basketball crucial to avoid injuries or soothe current ones. Keep your season strong and your ankles safe by exploring the best ankle braces for basketball season.

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Sports Ankle Support

More durable than sport tape bandages, the Sports Ankle Support gives basketball players the confidence to commit 100 percent while keeping their ankles injury free. Specifically designed for severe ankle stability needs, additional ligament support, adjustable ankle support, and agility intensive sporting activities like basketball, the Sports Ankle Support is a great ankle brace to prevent common basketball injuries.

The medical-standard compression of this ankle brace prevents swelling, eases pains and irritations, and provides extra support and stabilization around the ankle joint with its figure 8 taping strap. The Air Knit technology in the Sports Ankle Support also reduces damaging muscle vibrations to help diminish joint, tendon, and ligament loads when jumping, running, pivoting, and stopping suddenly. Made of lightweight yet durable material, the ankle support provides maximum freedom of movement and ankle protection all season long.

Sports Ankle Support Dynamic


The Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support Dynamic is perfect for basketball players that want an ankle support that is as agile as they are. Designed with a slim fit and durable material, the ankle support slides easily into athletic shoes to prevent overloading the muscles and to help prevent or relieve mild ankle instabilities and swelling.

The knitted fabric zones of the ankle support promote depth perception and a gentle compression that triggers positive sensorimotor feedback in the ankle and stimulates circulation. Players also benefit from the ankle support activating the foot muscles more quickly for improved joint coordination. This makes landing from a rebound and pivoting around players safe and comfortable. Play comfortably and confidently all season long knowing you have one of the best ankle supports for basketball with the Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support Dynamic.

MalleoTrain Medical Braces

While preventing common basketball injuries is ideal, it is understandable that accidents happen. For basketball players that suffer regular ankle injuries or are entering post-op from an ankle injury, relief and recovery are obtainable with the Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Medical Braces. Made with medical-grade compression material that supports the healing of injured ankle muscles, the MalleoTrain and MalleoTrain Plus GenuTrain Medical Braces will help players regain their strength and get back on the court.

For a slightly sprained ankle, ankle pain, ankle swelling, ankle arthritis, or mild instabilities, the Bauerfeind MalleoTrain®️ is the way to go. The medical-grade compression of the MalleoTrain ankle support reinforces the strength and stability of your ankle and reduces swelling without hurting pressure points. For more advanced ankle pains like moderate ankle sprains, ankle swelling, and ankle ligament tears, consider the MalleoTrain Plus. This ankle support stabilizes the ankle after painful twists and sprains as well as ligament weaknesses and overload during training or competition.

Whether players are suffering from a slight sprain or post-op pain, both the MalleoTrain and MalleoTrain Plus will help get them back on their feet faster and move pain free.