Preventing Basketball

Knee Injuries


In basketball, the name of the game is staying healthy so you can play more minutes, take more shots & score more points. The longer you are able to remain healthy and active the better team player you will be and the more you will progress in your skills on the court. In order to remain healthy and keep your body in peak physical shape there are a few important things to keep in mind. The top 3 ways we have found to keep you on the court and performing at the top level are:

  1. Stretching Before Playing

  2. Working Out To Build Muscle & Stamina

  3. Protecting Your Joints & Ligaments With Supports & Compression

When it comes to protecting your joints & ligaments in order to prevent basketball knee injuries, it is important to find a high-quality knee support that fits your needs on the basketball court and will withstand the training and use of a basketball player. A key factor that can be found in the basketball knee brace marketplace is that of quality. There are knee ‘braces’ ranging from $8 to $250+. What is important to keep in mind is what these braces offer, what the lifespan of the brace is, and how much investing in a high quality brace that will keep you healthy and playing basketball longer is worth to you.

Depending on the level of support you desire, you will find knee braces with various features to decrease chances of injury within different price ranges.

In the price range from $10 to around $50 you will find knee compression sleeves and neoprene support options. These options can be find if you’re only looking to reduce swelling using compression with very limited support.

In the price range from $50 to $100+ you will start to find more features that are common in a knee brace including knee pads / patella support, side stays for stability / lateral movements, material such as knit weave fabric that is breathable & retains compression after washing unlike neoprene and most importantly you will find established companies with history in the bracing & support industry utilizing R&D teams to consistently provide the best quality supports and warranties to back up the top of the line gear.

Ensuring before you step on the court that you have prepared your body physically, stretched and are equipped with a knee support that suits your needs will help you play basketball longer with less pain.